Authorised Service Centre for Dodge and RAM

We have the facilities to cater for all your American Car and Truck Servicing requirements in the UK covering all makes and models of American vehicles.

American Vehicle Services   : ‘AVS’ was formed in 1996 and since then it has operated as the “in-house” service facility for DBP together with taking in a large volume of retail service work and also carries out work for other dealers including IVA conversions and specialist service work. We also have our own in-house MOT facilities.

Our technicians have the state of the art diagnostic servicing equipment necessary to maintain all models of American car or truck in perfect mechanical condition. This covers all the latest vehicles from Chrysler, Dodge, Ford and General Motors. As official Dodge and Ram dealers our technicians have undertaken manufacturer training for the Dodge and Ram vehicle lines. This means we can carry out software updates and recalls.

We have the very latest Chrysler / Ram / Dodge WiTech2 equipment, the GM MDI (formerly Tech 2) equipment for all General Motors vehicles and the Ford IDS and FDRS systems, all with the latest manufacturer updates.

This allows both programming and updating of modules including: ABS, Body Control, Key Fobs, Tyre Pressure Sensors, Lighting Modules, Door Modules, Powertrain Control Modules and Transmission Control Modules.

It also means that we can install the latest manufacturer updates to your vehicle’s systems to ensure that your vehicle has the latest programming and drivability enhancements.

We carry out full PDI inspections on our new vehicles and conversions to meet IVA requirements are carried out to the highest standards.


All late model American cars have complete engine and drivetrain electronic management systems: On Board Diagnostics or “ODBII” than communicate through a digital system known as CANbus. Only if the right equipment is used can you be sure that your vehicle is receiving the right attention with all electronic adjustments and servicing properly made.

We have the latest GM, Chrysler/Dodge WiTech and the latest Ford FDRS computer systems, plus many years of experience and expert knowledge covering all makes (and ages!) of American vehicles.

We  offer a loan car facility and a collection and delivery service if required and can also MOT your vehicle in our in-house Class IV MOT facility

We are experts in conversions for IVA  inspections (Individual Vehicle Approval formerly called “SVA” Single Vehicle Approval) and MOT preparation work, including Light Conversions to ensure that your car meets Department of Transport’s British Standards. We have years of experience in all makes and models of American and other specialist performance vehicles.

We are experts in specialist performance upgrades, from fitting superchargers, through to racing performance. We also have full facilities – in house – to service and repair Air Conditioning systems.

For further details please call American Vehicle Services on 01376 345 399

Please note that the workshops are a mile or so away from our sales and parts offices and located at 10 Benfield Way, Braintree, CM7 3YS


Corvette | Escalade | Camaro | Chevrolet | Cadillac

A few words on the General Motors MDI system with access to the GM worldwide 

We have the facility for updates to be downloaded for all the latest up to date programming of the modules – including the vehicle’s main PCM (ECM) to ensure that your car or truck has the latest tune issued by GM for the most efficient running and updating software with the latest manufacturer’s updates.

Access to the GM main system is also required for programming remote key fobs, tyre pressure sensors and many other small jobs.



Ram Trucks | Dodge | Chrysler 

A few words on the Chrysler Dodge vehicle diagnostics WiTech system:

As official Dodge and Ram dealers we have the latest WiTech 2 system for Ram, Chrysler, Dodge vehicles that is necessary to perform module updates (such as PCM TCM) and give a full fault code diagnosis with history and mileage.

This means that we can ensure that all our new Rams and Dodge vehicles receive all the latest manufacturer software updates prior to sale together with carrying out all manufacturer recalls through the vehicle’s life. Our technicians have had manufacturer training on both Dodge and Ram vehicle lines and with over 20 years experience working on American vehicles of all makes you are in safe hands.

Modern vehicles are equipped with many electronic modules that communicate through a system known as CAN Bus. We have the latest equipment to work with current and future vehicles.

We also provide an ongoing update service when vehicles come in to us for servicing or for re-sale so that we can ensure the vehicles receive the latest manufacturer’s updates for their operating systems.

The Chrysler WiTech2  system is needed when fitting and initialising new modules and we believe that it is an essential tool needed to provide robust levels of after sales support to our customers.

If you need any programming or electronic diagnosis of a Dodge, Ram, or Chrysler vehicle give us a call…


Lincoln | Ford 

A few words on the Ford FDRS System:

We also have the very latest Ford Diagnostic equipment with regular updates from Ford meaning that we can carry out all the latest downloads and programming of American (and European) Ford vehicles. This includes the whole “Ford family” of vehicles.

This means that we can also carry out real-time diagnosis and module re-programming with the latest manufacturer software. These systems are not just simple “code readers” but fully functioning main dealer tools linked to factory software updates.

Modern vehicles like the Mustangs, F150’s, Navigators, Raptor and Flex etc. have many separate electronic modules controlling everything from the ABS to electronic tailgate locks. We can carry out all re-programming of these modules (necessary when a module is replaced) including all the latest electronic software factory updates.

This enables updates to be downloaded for all the latest programming of the modules – including the vehicle’s main PCM (ECM) to ensure that your car or truck has the latest software  issued by Ford.

If you need your key security PATS system programming on your Mustang, or an ECU on a Navigator, give us a call…