Mustang GT500 Shelby

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 SVT

With prices sky rocketing for genuine original period Shelbys, putting them all but out of reach, other than for seriously wealthy collector’s, and even clones costing a small fortune, the next available option if you want to own a Shelby Mustang, is to purchase a current production example. You’ll even be able to drive it daily if you want to!

An excellent choice would be the Shelby GT500 SVT. This is definitely very much a go faster GT500, as sitting atop the 5.4 litre 550bhp engine is a supercharger and positioned to the right is an incredibly large dominating cold air induction system. Transmitting all that power is a six-speed Tremec manual transmission. The name of the guy that built the engine has his signature engraved on a metal plate on the blue crinkle finish valve cover.

The GT500 features a Ford SVT Performance Package costing $3,995, that incorporates the Recaro leather seats, a 3.73 LSD, unique anti-roll bars, special rear dampers, rear spoiler, etc. The technical specifications also includes configurable steering mode, sport, normal and comfort, Brembo brakes feature all round, with 15-inch calipers at the front, and wheels are painted forged aluminium 19-inch at the front and 20-inch to the rear.

The original Shelby Mustangs were all about performance, and this modern day equivalent has inherited exactly the same ethos. Indeed, to get the most out of ownership of a GT500, relatively safely and legally, is actually to sign up for some track days? The blisteringly quick accelerative performance of releasing 550bhp of supercharged power, equates to the legal motorway speed limit  being attained all far too quickly, and you’ll forever be on the alert for speed cameras, police cars/bikes! This supercharged model is so much quicker than a standard specification engine car too. The short throw shifter has a notchy feel when changing gear, and a very tight H pattern takes a while getting used to.  It goes without saying that the Brembo brakes are quite superlative.



2012 Ford Mustang SVT GT500 Shelby

Engine: 5.4 litre all aluminium V8/DOHC

Power: 550bhp@6200rpm

Torque: 510lb ft@4250rpm

Transmission: Six-speed Tremec manual


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