2016 Ford Mustang GT California Special

Larry recently bought a 2016 California Special Mustang GT through us, and we are humbled by his story:


I admit it now, when I first saw the pictures coming out of the States of the new S550 Mustang, I was not a fan, and joined in with the sarky cracks on the forum. The back was OK, but hated the clear lights, the sides were fine, but the front was no different like so many cars you can buy, eg: BMW, Mercs, lesser Ford cars. I liked the interior that was a major improvement.

Then more and more people started to talk about the car, and we had the Champions League Promotion and people on the forum were ordering them. People had started to see them in the flesh in the UK when the 1st LHD drive ones appeared in the Ford showrooms, but I was not interested in even looking at them. I had my S197 and for me I hoped to keep her for years.

Then the RHD cars started hitting the showrooms and people were invited to take their cars for pictures with the new Mustang. I was still not interested, but I believe in fate, yet a lot of people don’t but that is their choice.


2016 Ford Mustang GT California Special


My Neighbour who owns a Ford was invited to a Mustang launch at Fords in Dagenham, she was not interested and sent the invite to me. I have to admit I was curious and as it was not far away I thought it might be cool if possible to get pictures of the 5th Generation and the 6th Generation cars together. But the launch date was on a work night, So I phoned them up and instead, arranged to bring mine up the following Sunday and we would have pictures taken of the old and the new together.

I parked up, and saw the Red Demo S550 Mustang. I went out for a little ride as a passenger, loved the interior, but still was not a fan of the front end, which for me was a massive issue. We did the pictures and a black S550 had caught my eye. I wandered in to the showroom and was surprisingly blown away. For some reason Black convertible with Black wheels gave me the same feeling I had when I 1st saw the S197 in Las Vegas. I was in “love” even the front looked OK.


2016 Ford Mustang GT California Special


I had a look around her, sat in her, she just looked so good. The colour just worked. I usually go for Red cars, but on the S550 Black is ‘the’ colour. I went home, but still could not get the car out of my mind. A week later I went back there and this time took 20 odd photos. I had decided my love for the S197 was no more, I had fallen for another. I still loved driving my S197 but the love had gone, Steph advised me to not mention the new car when we were in the S197, as she might hear, So If not for my neighbour, I would not have known about the Mustang Launch, fate is a strange creature!!

Now my mind was made up, this would be my next car but I have never brought a brand new car before! When I lost my parents 7 years back, I went away with friends to Las Vegas and fell in love with the S197. My parents had left me some money and I used some of it on the S197. People have been telling me for years to not save the money for a rainy day, but to enjoy it, so now after all these years I will use the rest to buy my California Special.  I started looking on the net for S550s and their specs, then I saw the 2016 model had hood indicators built in on the hood vents, for me this was very cool looking and was a bit retro as was only done on the old 1967 Mustang. I loved the look, then I found out they would not be on the UK spec cars which I found very disappointing.


2016 Ford Mustang GT California Special


I then decided to find out what other specs were on the US car and not the UK car, as I am paying 42k for a car, I want the best my money will buy. I found out that a lot of safety stuff, like the BLIS (Blindspot Info System) had been removed, the adaptive cruise, the memory seats, the remote start, etc  also the US had the new Sync 3 system and then I saw the California Special, oh my, now that’s a beautiful car. Brought back for the 2016 model, it was stunning.  That was the car for me.

So now I knew the car I wanted could I afford her?

I saw on eBay a 2016 Model sold by David Boatwright Partnership. I phoned them up and spoke to Richard who was very helpful. He sources his cars from several different markets all over the world. So I went up and saw Richard as I wanted to have a good look at the 2016 model he had there, and take her for a spin.


2016 Ford Mustang GT California Special


Speaking to Richard we decided that it would make sense to go Factory Build as then I could have all the specs I wanted and would not be much more with the adaptive cruise then the cars in the showrooms. Also went out in the LHD and this time got behind the wheel, loved it, felt the same way I did when I 1st drove my S197, that definitely made my mind up. Richard showed me all the controls let me sit in the car and play with the buttons, while he had other customers so I had to promise him I would not drive her! There and then I put my deposit down on a Black Shadow, California Special, Auto, Convertible, and Richard even gave me a choice on my number plate!


2016 Ford Mustang GT California Special


When you add in the Tax which is still a lot cheaper than the UK Tax band, I am paying around £1500 more, but factor in each time I get Road Tax I am saving £200, so the difference in cost goes down, Richard also gave me a 3 year warranty which is the same as Fords. So for the car I have with all the extras I think it’s worth the extra money. And I love the California Special front also!!

I would 100% recommend anybody to buy a car from David Boatwright Partnership as they make you feel that they care as much as you do about the car and even getting the extras spot on. 

And in this day and age, that is a rare thing



2016 Ford Mustang GT California Special

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  1. I read the story about Larry’s California Special Mustang, I have also met Larry. My question is, can you supply me with US licence plate holders (back and front) and how much ? I have a UK spec S550 GT, just want to make it look more unique.

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